The old version of the ArCa website will operate until July 12, 2019

13 Jun 2019

It's been already two months since our new site and mobile app have been released.

As we announced along launching new version and mobile app, the previous version of site will be available during three months from the release date, in order to give our users enough time to transfer their info to new platform.

Please consider, that the old version of the site will operate for a month since now. Starting July 12th, 2019 URL will open the new version of the site, with more comfortable solutions, extended menu for services and compatible with actual digital security standards.

Please keep in mind that signing up to the new site with the email address, which was associated with the virtual card at the previous version, and adding the same card to a new account, the system will transfer groups (if any) from the old to the new platform.

In case of any questions related to registration at app or new version of site, please contact our 24/7 Customer support service for detailed info and help.