Mir cards adopted in Armenia

13 Jul 2017

ArmInfo. Russian Bank head Elvira Nabullina informed about the launch of the acceptance of Mir cards at the territory of Armenia, she said at the International Financial Congress in St. Petersburg, RNS reported.

"Previous  week, the first cross-border transactions on Mir card in ArCa payment system were already conducted. And for us this is the first project to organize an equitable intersystem interaction, and citizens of our countries, I think, will get new financial opportunities. Here I would like to express my gratitude for the really very rapid advancement of this project to Central Bank of Armenia and the leadership of the ArCa payment system, "she said.

According to Nabullina, CB strategic issue for upcoming years is to provide direct international acceptance of Mir card, first of all at the territory of EEU. 

Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan enter in EEU.  To note, on July 7, 2017, Central Bank of Armenia included Russian national payment card system MIR (NSPC) in the register of active payment and settlement systems, and simultaneously gave permission to Armenian Card payment and settlement organization to participate in the MIR system. The project of intersystem interaction assumes mutual acceptance of cards of national payment systems in the infrastructures of two countries: ArCa cards in Russia, maps "MIR" in Armenia. The project also provides for the production of ArCa-MIR cobeydge (joint) cards. The technical possibility of issuing such cards has 16 banks operating on the ArCa infrastructure.