About us

ArCa is processing center and operator of ArCa National Payment System.

Armenian Card CJSC was established in March 2000 by Central Bank of Republic of Armenia and Armenian commercial banks. Our goal is to develop and implement in the banking market of Armenia all benefits that modern payment and development technologies can offer. Our highly qualified professional staff and the latest technical and software solutions allow commercial banks to produce and provide ArCa National payments system cards, as well as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, DCI (Diners Club International), МИР and JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) system cards.

What we do

  • Plastic card payment system (hereinafter: «the System») overall administration and management
  • Card transactions processing
  • Merchant card transactions processing
  • ATMs and merchant registration
  • Clearing services for system members
  • Safety maintenance through 3D secure technology
  • Card personalization (electronic, graphical, mechanical)
  • SMS and USSD service for card transactions
  • Fraud monitoring and detection
  • 24/7 call center
  • Online payment services: ArCa Cabinet site and applications (Тerms and conditions)


License # 1

«Payment Tools and Payment and Settlement Documentation Processing and Clearing»



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